Transfer Perfect Money Funds to Your Bank

Transfer Perfect Money Funds to Your Bank

Perfect Money is a widely accepted payment processor but not many people use it as there are countries which are restricted from accessing the site. If you are facing issues with transferring money from Perfect Money to your bank, this post might help you.

I recently published a blog post about the alternative ways to receive payments from our online sites. This information would be helpful if ever we have some issues with PayPal which is known to be the most trusted and widely used online processor.

In this post, I have covered three major points:

  • Withdrawing fund from Perfect Money if we are in the Philippines
  • Converting one currency to another through the use of (Useful to individuals using Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies)
  • Using to transfer fund to our local banks

A Little background:

If you are working online from the Philippines, you need to spend more time and effort in order to do your job. Oftentimes, we spend sleepless nights in order to earn a considerable amount. Most of us are usually awake and working while others are traveling across the dreamland. We need to adjust on the schedule of our clients who are mostly from other countries, particularly US or UK. We employ twice the effort of other nationalities for the same amount of income.

Thus, we need to ensure that the money we earned from working hard be received on time. We are fortunate if the site we want to work with offer PayPal as a payment option. We can transfer our fund directly to our bank account. But for those sites that do not include PayPal as a payment option, it may be difficult for us to withdraw our hard earned money.

Because of this, we tend to stay away from these sites because of fear that we might not get our money. Doing so will limit the amount we can earn. Instead of maximizing our time for working on some good sites, we only concentrate on those sites with our preferred payment processor. Let it be informed that sometimes work might not be available at all times. So having a wide selection of sites for us to work with would be an advantage.

With the current improvement of the money transfer system, we can now receive fund from different payment processors with ease. It doesn’t matter what payment processor you have, you will definitely receive the money on time.

PayPal Ceased Extending Service to One of My Sites

When one of my sites, stopped paying through PayPal, it became a big challenge for me since I already get used with that payment processor and can transfer the fund directly to my bank and I will just wait for 2 or 3 days and, presto! I have my money. Using another processor would bring me another issue over and above all the other problems I am encountering. But just the same, I need to find a way in order to withdraw my money.

I spent time trying to find ways on how I could withdraw my money to my bank. Most of my online friends were also facing the same situation and some of them resorted to obtaining the services of an online money exchanger. Knowing the high fees involved, I set aside this option and continue with my research. After exploring, researching, and visiting several forums, I was able to find a solution.

Allow me to share it with you

I hope you may be able to get relevant information out of this post.

If your site offers Perfect Money as a payment option, you may find it difficult to get your fund since they do not offer direct transaction with banks in the Philippines. This is probably one of the reasons why our countrymen limit the engagement of sites offering Perfect Money as payment processors.

But this is not a problem anymore. We can receive our money even if we are in the Philippines.


Let me share with you the process that I discovered:

While others are busy trying to find ways on how they will be able to get their money to their local banks, I also explored several ways and was lucky to have found a way which I believe the best way to receive my hard-earned money.

I converted the amount to Bitcoins!

I was already engaging in several Bitcoin activities like visiting forums, visiting sites and doing some simple tasks in exchange for a little amount of Satoshi every time. But the issue between PayPal and some of the sites came in a little later.

I have several Bitcoin Wallets where I stored my coins and sometime in 2014, a local company by the name of I opened an account for the purpose of having a local wallet which I deemed necessary because it would be easier for me to transact business with a local company.

Open your account here

When the issue between the major online processor and several sites happened, I have some amount on my balance which I have yet to withdraw. We were required to open another payment processor, otherwise, we won’t be able to get the money. That was what I did. I opened a Perfect Money account.

I received the money to my payment processor but the problem now was how I would send my money to my bank?

Steps in Transferring Fund from Perfect Money to

After doing research, I discovered that I could convert my dollar from Perfect Money to Bitcoins using

First, you have to open an account in order to make any transaction.

Sign up for

Here are the steps:

Log in to your account

  1. Choose Perfect Money (left pane)
  2. Choose Bitcoin (right pane)
  3. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  4. Enter the Bitcoin Wallet address you want the bitcoin to be sent

The whole transaction will be completed in seconds, you don’t need to refresh the page.

Once the amount has been credited to your account, you can send it directly to your bank.

Sign up with

Steps for Transferring Fund from to Your Bank

  1. Click CASH OUT on the top menu
  2. Select from the different options you want to receive your money. I am using RCBC wallet.
  3. Place the desired amount to be withdrawn.
  4. Enter the account holder’s name Account number and Mobile number of the recipient (optional)
  5. Click Complete Payment

The process is almost instant. You can withdraw the money from your bank after the transaction. I would usually transfer the amount using the mobile app while I am at the ATM booth. This is very convenient on my part to withdraw cash from

I hope this post provides the necessary information that you need. If you think this can also help others, please share using the sharing buttons.

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