Avoid Things that Keep Us from Reaching Our Goal

Avoid Things that Keep Us from Reaching Our Goal

There may come a certain point when no matter how hard we try, we feel that we are far from reaching our goal. It seems that we are not making any positive improvement in our career. It is normal to feel overwhelmed because of different factors that we encounter every day. There are even times when we think of quitting because we felt that we could no longer handle the stress at work.

Achieving freedom is the major reason why I am pursuing an online career. I have a good paying job but my goal is to be able to work on my own. For me, nothing is better than having to implement my own strategies on a certain endeavor. I guess you would agree with me that working without a boss is the greatest achievement that we could have in terms of career. For now, I am aware that I still need my current job. For this reason, I am doing my best to deliver what is expected of me while continuously learning the online business.

However, despite giving much effort on my current job, it seems that I am always running out of time and fall short to my commitments. Much as I wanted to devote more time to my online activities, I need to set it aside to work on my backlogs. It was then that I realized that I should have not experienced these things had I remained steadfast on my schedule. Realizing the situation, I decided to change some of the things that I used to do that is keeping me from reaching my goals.

Implementing Changes

I started to feel better after implementing the new scheme. Allow me to share it with you just in case you think you are being overwhelmed and drowned by tons of workloads and issues in your current work. I want to make it clear that I have no problem with my online work and activities because I consider it as my stress-reliever.

Here they are:

Set Personal Boundaries

Setting personal boundaries is imperative if we truly want to live a successful life. We should set our own parameters depending on how we can handle situations affecting our personal lives. If a certain person or groups of persons cause us stress in whatever way, we have all the right to avoid them.

We can choose whom to be with. We can choose to be alone and definitely, we can choose to be with the people who can help us more in realizing our dreams. On the other hand, we should also respect other people’s decision on whom they would choose to be with.

Work With the Schedule

Have you had a feeling that you seem to be working endlessly? Sometimes we do it unknowingly. I even bring my work at home when I couldn’t finish it on time. The time which I supposed to be given to my family was already taken over by the things that I should be doing at my workplace. Moreover, the time that I should be devoted to improving my online career was also compromised.

Make sure to leave everything in our work after the time hits 5:00 o’clock.

Learn to Say No

Another thing that might ruin our day is when we cannot meet the deadlines. Not because we could not do the job but because of some requests that can not say no to. My experience on this is when fellow workers would request assistance in doing their work. Being a compassionate person, I would usually agree to help without thinking that I also have my own deadline. In the end, the person whom I helped was able to deliver the work on time, while I was rushing in order to meet the deadline.

Lesson Learned: While it is good to help others, do not forget your own commitments. Make sure to finish your work before accepting any request for help.

Create a Separate Social Media Account

I have my own personal Facebook account which I used to promote my online activities. One of my mistakes was to allow co-workers to access the account. They started setting up different groups chats for their own individual purposes. The result, the chat boxes keep on popping even at night time and worst, during weekends. I cannot leave the group because they might ask for a reason for doing that.

Solution: I created another account intended solely for my online business. My old account was there and I open it during office hours. My family has my own number so they can contact me through that number just in case. I felt relieved after doing this. The old account is still active and I can open it during office hours and the other account for my online business which I keep open all the time.

Travel Alone

Another thing that stresses me is when I am traveling to work and officemates will start talking about work-related things. Traveling is the only time when I could relax and to probably think of some strategies for my online work. I want to devote this time to think about the topics I want to write on my next blog posts and other online activities related to my business. But generally, I want to relax while traveling to and from work.

Solution: I decline every invitation to come to work and go home together. I told them I still have to go somewhere else before going home. I think this current scheme is working fine for me. The tension that I used to feel has subsided and I feel better now.

On the final thought

Though it is good to have a good relationship with our fellow workers, it is also good to think for ourselves. If being with them might cause a stressful day, it is better to be alone. We don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why we are doing this. This is our life and we can implement measures to improve how we feel.

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