How to Verify PayPal Account Without a Credit Card

How to Verify PayPal Account Without a Credit Card

Verifying our PayPal account is one of the first things that we should work on as soon as we make a decision that we will make the use of the internet in order to earn money. Many people took this matter for granted until such time that they experience difficulty in finding sites to work with or withdrawing their funds.

While it is true that we can use PayPal even if it is not verified, the transactions we can do with our account is somehow restricted.

Here are the reasons why we should verify our PayPal account:

  • Sites like Humanatic, Spare5, and other legit sites do not accept members with unverified PayPal Account.
  • You can send and receive more than the limits set when you opened an account.
  • Other individuals will have confidence in transacting business with you because of the verified status.

It is not enough that we have a PayPal account. We need to have it verified in order to get the most benefit out of it.

PayPal Verification

As individuals who are spending time online for the purpose of earning money, it is important to note that verifying our PayPal account should be one of our priorities.

What Do You Need in Order to Verify Your Account

Basically, we need a credit card in order to verify our PayPal Account. As stated in the terms and condition, an individual can use Visa and Mastercard in order to verify an account. The process is simple and easy. We can do it in few steps as shown below:

After clicking the Link a card button, a blank form will open where you need to supply the required information such as card type (Visa or Mastercard), Card number, Expiration Date, 3 digits CSC and your address. After filling out the required information, you have to get the PayPal code which is included in your next billing statement. PayPal will ask for the code in order to have your account get verified. Note: Don’t click the ‘Add a Bank’ button when your purpose is to verify your account Fun88.

The process may look simple but there are a lot of individuals who won’t reach that point and it is for this reason that there are many people who tried to work online quit before they could even verify their PayPal account.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Some individuals have some difficulty following the process.
  2. Some individuals either don’t have a credit card or simply do not want to disclose information to a third party.

For the number 2 reason, the following solution might be of help.

Verify PayPal Account Without a Credit Card

Did You Know That You can Verify Your PayPal Account Without Using a Credit Card?

Some people are hesitant to open a credit card for several reasons. The most known reason is the fear of overspending. Another one is the fear of being victimized by fraud.

As an alternative to a credit card, we can use a debit card which is equally acceptable as long as it is a Mastercard or a Visa.

But if you are looking for another alternative, you can use PayMaya.

What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is a Virtual Prepaid Application/ a mobile application that is recognized by PayPal. PayMaya Philippines, formerly known as Smart eMoney Inc is the pioneer in mobile money and payments. The latest innovation they have is the online payment app the can be used to pay online without a credit card. What I like most about this app is that every transaction is automatically notified via text messages making the process fast, easy and reliable. This is a perfect deal for busy people like me who still want to make the most of my free time to earn online.

For the purpose of this blog post, we will explore the process of using PayMaya to verify our PayPal account.

Here are the steps in order to use PayMaya in verifying PayPal Account:

  1. DOWNLOAD PayMaya App in Play Store
  2. Fill-out the registration form, click the Continue button
  3. Read and agree with the Data Privacy Policy. Wait for the verification code via SMS. Enter code in the app and tap “Verify.
  4. Tap the View Card button.
  5. Enter your address and birthday.
  6. Enter the required information under the Online Payment Card Number page. You’ll receive a confirmation of your PayMaya account activation.

Now, you have a PayMaya account. You need to have at least PHP200.00 so that you may be able to use it in verifying your PayPal account. You can load your account through the following accredited channels.

How to Use PayMaya to Verify Your PayPal Account

Going back on the above procedure, we will use our PayMaya details on the form required by PayPal. In order to view your card details, click View Card. (Note: You cannot view your card if you don’t have a balance above PHP100.00 ($2.00).

Copy the details from the virtual card to the form and click save. The PayPal Code will be sent through text message. Copy the code and enter it to your PayPal account. A confirmation message will be sent to your number.

That’s it! You can now enjoy a verified PayPal account.

Thank you for dropping by! I hope this blog post helped you in whatever way possible.

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