Google Docs: Create Online Document for Free

Google Docs: Create Online Document for Free

Google Docs has no appeal to me until I decided to set up my newest blog. The idea popped up when I was contemplating for a possible way to save some space on my laptop. For quite some time, I have been using Google Sheet for my projects but not the Google Docs.

The first computer programs that I learned to use were Microsoft Word and Excel. My previous work in a certain cooperative helped me develop further my skill in computer operations. Moreover, my current position in the government office helped me increase my knowledge in other computer programs as well including Microsoft PowerPoint. I am confident that I can handle any task using these computer programs.

The development of the new technology has been in a rapid stage during the past few years. More and more programs and software have been introduced in the market. The development of such programs leads to an increase in the productivity of every individual who opted to adopt the change.

Even the office which I am working with started to explore the new technology and implemented the use of online programs for report submission. Since I have been working online for quite some time, I didn’t find any difficulty with the implementation of new methods.

But due to the limited capability of the personnel and some issues concerning the internet, the office has difficulty implementing the use of online apps. We only use Google Sheet which is a helpful tool for collaboration and a speedy submission of data and other documents. We still use Microsoft Word for other documents.

How I Discovered the Benefits of Using Google Docs

One issue I had with using offline software is the continuous building up of the content which occupies a large space which is causing my laptop to slow down. I decided to explore other option and that is where I discovered the use of Google Docs.

Google has created Google Docs online document processor program. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, you will definitely love Google Docs too. Find out more the advantages of using Google Docs from this article.

Advantages of Using Google Docs

I am using my personal laptop for both my offline work as well as my online work. My offline job requires me to prepare minutes of a meeting and other documents needed for the procurement of goods, scanned documents for uploading, and preparing PowerPoint presentations for my speaking engagements and downloading videos and other materials.

On the other hand, I use the same laptop for my online work which includes creating blog posts, creating blog graphics, downloading images and other materials. The reason why I am doing this is to ensure that I have a copy of the document every time. As the days passed, there is a noticeable slowing down of my laptop’s performance. This is the reason why I tried to devise a way in order to preserve my laptop’s capacity. One of the possible solutions is the use of Google Docs.

Google Docs Offers Various Advantages

Helps Save Space

Google Docs automatically save the documents in the cloud. Thus, we don’t have to save large files into our device. This would help for the maintenance of the performance of our unit in terms of speed. Google Docs gives us 15 GB of storage for free and we can get the next 100 GB for as low as $1.99 per month. Currently, I only consumed a small fraction of what

  • No Need to Install

Because we use the app online, we need not download and install the program on our device. All our documents can be saved in Google Drive and can be accessed anytime as long as we have an internet connection.

  • You Can Work on Any Device

We don’t need to worry if we have to travel to another place and we could bring our computer or laptop. We can go to any computer shop or use other laptops to access our documents. Just make sure that we memorized our Google ID and password.

  • Perfect for Collaboration

Working with a group is no longer a problem with Google Docs. If you are working with someone and you have to check their work for whatever reason, this is a perfect place to collaborate. You can share the document with your group or with anybody. No need to send an email when checking documents. Make necessary corrections and adjustments at a real time.

  • With Fairly Awesome Features Available

To begin Voice Typing simply open the Tools and select Voice Typing from the drop-down menu. Use an external microphone or built in to type the word.

Disadvantages of Using Google Docs

Here are some of the disadvantages that can be noted in using the app.

  • Internet Dependent

Meaning, we cannot use the app offline. In order to get access to the app, we need to be connected to the internet.

So far this is the only disadvantage I can attribute with Google Docs. The features are awesome such as Voice Typing, Dictionary, and Translation. Though the translated version may not be perfect, it is still something that can be used for a great purpose.

How to Use Google Docs

The initial step is to sign up for a Google account. You can either open the app from the drop-down menu or you can go to Google Drive and open it from there.

The content you typed will automatically be saved so no more worries about not being able to save the document.

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