Bitlanders – Here’s What You Need to Know About

Bitlanders - Here's What You Need to Know About

It is the most complicated site I came across with in my entire online journey,” one of the comments I read from another forum where I am a member. “I don’t understand clearly how to use the site to my advantage. The review system is tough and it seems my work couldn’t pass the standards. I lost all my gems during the review process.”

These are only some of the negative reactions I read about the site when I joined a certain forum. Most people whom I invited had almost similar complaints. The site is too complicated for them. Frankly speaking, I used to have the same impression about the site. Until I decided to take a second look and implement my own strategy to learn. Currently, Bitlanders is one of my highest-earning sites.

So, are you willing to learn new things?

This post is a sure way to get additional knowledge that will help you as you start the new year. Enjoy reading and get informative ideas!

Bitlanders is blogging, a movie review and a social media site combined. It has been around for quite some time. I mean, 8 years or more… Had I known that this is a great site, I should have given Bitlanders more time and focus during the first days of joining. It took me more than 3 years to realize that a GEM is right in front of me.

One reason for not giving enough focus on the site was the fact that I found it too difficult to understand. I was overwhelmed with all the different advice I received until I grew tired of visiting all the profiles without really understanding why I need to do so.

I started to lose my enthusiasm and stopped visiting the site.

After 3 years, I became curious about the post of a fellow member of another forum site. I decided to take a quick look and tried to revive my dormant account. The good thing, the account is still active. It was exactly the same status when I left it.

This time, I decided to learn everything in order to be successful with the site. I started digging all the information that I needed. I started re-learning the rules. Slowly, but full of enthusiasm and determination, I started to learn the program.

Surprisingly, my BUZZ Score started to increase. I can see my progress as the days continue to pass. Until I reached the top of the LeaderBoard.

What is Bitlanders?

Bitlanders is a social media site where people from different parts of the world share their ideas through videos, microblogs and blog posts. You can do a lot of things on the site that can help you learn new ideas and information as well as a great platform for earning an extra amount.

Well, for some who are into blogging earning 5 or 6 figure monthly, this can be just an additional income. But for some who are still struggling in the world of blogging, it can be a good starting ground both for learning new things as well as earning some amount.

People from different countries are joining the site for several reasons. Some join to showcase their video editing skills while some join to develop their blogging skills. Others join for interaction and certain percentage join probably to increase connections.

How to Start Working With Bitlanders?

Basically, the first thing we need to do is to sign up for an account. If you believe that I came with an ideal site, come on sign up with this LINK and I will be willing to guide you all through the way.

But if you are still in doubt, continue reading to uncover more information that will help you decide later on.

What Are the Benefits We Can Get from the Site?

You might have this question inside your mind.

So here are the benefits of joining Bitlanders:

1. You will get a reward when you sign up

Upon completion of the signup process which is absolutely easy, you will be rewarded with One Dollar ($1.00) directly credited to your account.

Signing up is very easy, all you need to do is go to Bitlanders and complete your avatar. You don’t even need to give your real name during the signup process. With this, you can test if you really want to continue with the site.

How to Create an Avatar?

The first thing you need to do in order to be qualified for the signup bonus is to create an avatar. This will be your profile image on the site. You can change it at any time for a little amount. So choose well how would you like to appear.

On the upper portion of the original avatar settings. you can find the male and female option. Choose your desired feature and click proceed.

A corresponding reward will be given as soon as you completed the activity.

Create a Nickname and Earn Additional Reward

Another task which you need to complete is the creation of your nickname.

After completing the form, you will again receive another bonus which makes it a total of One Dollar ($1.00) and 6 gems. You can still earn additional gems from completing the special quests which are being given to new members.

Isn’t that amazing? Well, that is only a reward upon signing up. There are more bonuses and rewards being given to members of the site.

I can’t promise you that it will be easy, but the good thing is, once you became a member of the site, you will be exposed to different lessons especially in blogging which you will be able to use even in your other blogging activities outside the site.

2. You Can Learn New Things Every day

Members of the site came from different fields and have their own set of expertise which they would usually share with the community. Additionally, the contents that we submitted for review would usually be returned with suggestions that we can be used for further improvement of our work.

3. You Have the Opportunity to Earn Great Amount

One way to earn from the site is to write high-quality contents which can give us rewards in the form of BUZZ points and GEMS which has a great thing to do in order to increase our earnings. Though, there are other ways in order to increase our BUZZ Scores without actually writing a blog post or creating a video.

On the final thought…

Being an active member for more than a year after having the opportunity passed for 3 years, I should say, this is a site worth joining. Apart from the considerable amount I am earning every day, I am gaining a lot of knowledge from the community and the team who are very supportive of their members. If a member will only give more time in reading the rules as well as the other articles posted in the site, I guess many will succeed with Bitlanders.

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