9 Amazing Health Benefits of Seafood

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Seafood

Are you eating enough seafood in your diet? A well balanced diet with exercise are important for healthy lifestyle.

Seafood is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins. Now people are much aware to include seafood in regular diet.

Seafood is a good source of protein which is low in calories and saturated fat (bad fat). Some recent research states that seafood can decrease the risks of heart attack, hypertension, stroke, obesity (excess weight gain).

Various Health Benefits of Seafood

1. Seafood reduces Risks of Heart Diseases

Seafood is rich in unsaturated fat and is low in saturated fat. Thus seafood reduces the risks of heart diseases.

Fishes are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for heart health. Eating 2-3 servings of fish per week can increase heart health.

2. Improves Muscles

Seafood is low in fat, 2 % less than leanest chicken, or meat. Slimmers can improve their muscles without taking any extra fat.

Seafood is high in proteins and proteins are the building blocks of structure of body. Thus proteins help to build muscles and recover the damaged muscles.

3. Improves Immune System

Zinc is an essential nutrient for proper functioning of immune system. Various seafood such as lobsters, crab are rich in zinc.

Seafood is also rich in vital Vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids: all of them accumulate together to keep your body to fight against pathogens. Thus boosts up your immune system.

4. Reduces Macular Disease

Macular degeneration (MD) leads severe vision loss in people at older age. Omega 3 fatty acid present in seafood reduces the risks of likelihood of vision loss. Having fish or shellfish regularly will improve your night vision and eye’s health.

Macular foundation encourages people to consume adequate amount of Omega 3 fatty acid in diet.

5. Reduces Cholesterol level

Cholesterol level goes high if you eat any kind of saturated fat. Fishes are low in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated fat. Thus reduces the rise in cholesterol level.

6. Develops Brain and Improves Memory

DHA (long chain of omega 3 fatty acids) is a major building block of the brain. It not only develops brain in young children or infants but also minimizes the detrimental impact of ageing of brain.

7. Protects Skin

Skin is most affected by what you consume in your diet. Seafood will protect your skin from harmful UV (UVA & UVB) rays and keep your skin moisturized.

Research suggests that seafood can reduce pigmentation and ageing also.

8. Lower the Risks of Arthritis

Seafood is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids which ease sore joints and reduces stiffness in the body. It is rich in Vitamin D which helps the body to absorb more calcium and simultaneously prevents arthritis in adults.

9. Reduces Depression

Eating seafood has emotional benefits by improving your mood. A lot of seafood consumption can affect positively depression and boost up the impact of anti-depressant medications.

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