Alternative Ways to Receive Online Payments

Alternative Ways to Receive Online Payments

As individuals who work online for a living, we are aware that PayPal is the most popular payment processor available worldwide at the current tines. I guess you would agree with me if I would say that PayPal is indeed the most trusted online payment processor. However, there are sites or companies who are not using this site for their business for one reason or another. One of those lies within the country’s internal rules which prevent the site from providing services to a specific country.

As online professionals, we should never limit ourselves may it be with regards to earning opportunities or other matters concerning our online activities. We should always have a back up in everything that we do online. We have to be ready to face whatever challenge we might encounter as we pursue our online career. One of that is the use of different online payment processors.

Just like other things such as having a backup plan, a back up on our data, we need a backup payment processor. This will help us lessen the impact in case we face some related problems in the future. Learning the different payment methods is a crucial thing. This will help prepare ourselves on any issue that may arise as we continue our online journey.

Here are several ways that online sites pay their members that we opt to know and be familiar with:

Check Payment

A check is a negotiable instrument that promises to pay the bearer or the person whose name is appearing on it. Surprisingly, even with the current technological advancement, there are still sites that use check in order to pay their members.

Depending on your location check payment is still being used by Adsense and other freelancing sites. Having a valid physical address is a must when joining sites. This will help us from experiencing issues when it comes to deliveries of a check. Your name should match other important papers including bank accounts and Identification cards.

Bank Transfer or Direct Bank Deposit

Some affiliate sites are using bank transfer or direct bank deposit method in paying their members. I recently joined a site, Zwerl that pays directly to the bank. Additionally,, another freelancing site also pays directly to your bank. You should provide a valid bank account where your payment will be sent.


Payoneer Is a company that offers a sending and receiving money services in 200+ countries throughout the world. The company was founded in 2005 and based in NewYork. The sites have 4 million users and support 150 currencies. Payoneer supports 35 languages and they can be reached 24/7.


Many freelancing sites pay through Payoneer such Upwork,, PeopleperHour. The leader in affiliate marketing, also pays with Payoneer.


Along with the usual transactions of sending and receiving payments from this site, Payoneer has also other services being offered such as billing your customer, transferring your fund to the banks, managing currencies, and Store Manager. You can also make a payment, pay your vat and pay your suppliers and Freelancers.

Referral Program:

Another good thing about Payoneer is that they are offering a referral program wherein the referrer could earn $25.00 by referring a friend to the site. If you are not yet a member of Payoneer, you may join through this link.

Minimum withdrawal:

Payoneer sets a minimum withdrawal to $50.00 and the maximum of $9,500.00.

Perfect Money

Here is another popular payment processor that is being used by many online sites today, Perfect Money. The site offers different services such as receiving payments, currency management and withdrawal to the bank. They also accept Bitcoin transactions.

Unlike PayPal, a member can use the Perfect Money as a payment processor for the applicable site even without verifying the account.

Types of Membership

Perfect Money has 3 types of membership. These are Normal, Premium and Partner. Learn more about the type of membership here.

Affiliate Program

Perfect Money offers an affiliate commission to every successful referral to the site. A member is will receive 1% annual profit from the minimum monthly balance of your referral.

Interest From Balance

Here’s another benefit that you can get from the site. Perfect Money offers interest payment based on your balance. It’s like a savings account where you are entitled to a minimal interest.

Some Issues

One of the issues we face as Perfect Money users from the Philippines is the inability to transfer funds directly to our bank.


Here’s another payment processor that you might want to consider. Skrill, formerly known as Money Bookers is an online payment processing site that is based in London, United Kingdom.

There are several sites that use this payment processor to pay their members. One of this is BeerMoneyForum, a popular forum that makes reviews on all new sites through members’ interaction.


The launching of Stripe on September 29, 2011, is another big event in the online industry. Their headquarters is located in San Francisco and California. At present they are offering services to a limited number of countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium and a few more.

Unfortunately, their service has not included the Philippines and other Asian countries yet. But hopefully, their services can be availed in our country soon.

On the final thought…

These are only some of the many payment processors available today. I am sharing this information in order to help us find an alternative in case PayPal is not accepted in a certain site we wish to work with.

I hope through this article you were able to acquire new knowledge that would benefit you as you go about your online journey. Watch out for more information related to sending and receiving payments.

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